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If you've longed for a beautiful, healthy smile, dental implants can be one of the best solutions to improve your oral health. Dr. Loren Grossman understands how important your smile is to your overall health, self-esteem, and well-being, and is a Dallas PA dental implants expert who can give you the gorgeous smile you deserve.

No matter what issue you may be facing, we have the expertise to help you determine whether dental implants are the best option. Some of the many reasons why our patients choose dental implants include:

Implants Look Naturaldallas pa dental implants

Many people don't realize that dental implants are made to look and feel just like your real teeth. They carefully crafted to behave like natural teeth, giving you the ability to eat the foods you love by improving your chewing power. They allow you to floss and brush as normal, and many patients can't tell the difference between implants and their real teeth.

Improved Facial Structure

If you're suffering from missing teeth, you may likely experience bone loss and facial sagging. This often creates thinning lips, unsightly wrinkles around the mouth, and a pointed chin. However, dental implants can prevent this from happening by filling in the spaces missing teeth leave behind.

Long-lasting - Dallas PA Dental Implants

Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime, unlike other options such as dental bridges. This makes dental implants one of the most popular options for many patients who are looking for a bio-compatible, permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth.

Fighting Gum Disease

It is extremely easy for food and bacteria to become trapped in the open area of a missing tooth. When not cared for properly, this is often the underlying cause of gum disease. Dental implants fill in that open area and allow you to follow a normal brushing and flossing routine.

Support Adjacent Teeth

Dental implants help keep your other teeth in position and so you can avoid the shifting that often occurs due to missing teeth. This helps to eliminate the possibility of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) which often causes headaches, jaw discomfort, and pain.

If you have missing or damaged teeth and would like to find out more about how Dallas PA dental implants can help, contact us today to arrange a consultation!

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