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Receive quality dental care from a dentist who is knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to his patients. Dr. Loren Grossman cares deeply about his work, and has put countless hours into studying and perfecting his craft. Whether you need a simple oral checkup, or desire a complete smile makeover, Dr. Grossman can help.

Take a look at what cosmetic dentistry services are available:

Dental Implantspittston dentist

Dental implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like real teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post that is drilled into the jawbone, and acts as a tooth root for replacement teeth. A dental implant enables a patient to eat, talk, and smile with confidence. It’s one of the best ways to permanently replace missing teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

If you have a broken or missing tooth, crowns and bridges can be the restorative solution you need. Crowns and bridges, when properly applied, will fix the dental problems you currently have, and will prevent new ones from forming. Having a decayed, broken, or missing tooth isn’t good for your oral health, nor is it a pretty sight-a crown or bridge can improve your oral health and boost your self-confidence.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are carefully designed to look like real teeth. If you want to improve the shape, size, and coloring of your teeth, veneers are an excellent option. Veneers can be a permanent cosmetic and structural solution.

Teeth Whitening

While many of the over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions leave much to be desired, our in-office whitening treatments can get the job done. If you want to enhance the brightness of your natural teeth, while doing so in the safety of a professional environment, we recommend that you try our teeth whitening services.

Pediatric Dentistry

A childhood dental visit should be a pleasant experience that can be carried into adulthood. We assure every child and parent that they are in good hands. A child’s teeth and gums need quality dental work, and if the child’s oral health is neglected, it can have longstanding consequences. Our child patients walk into a welcoming, comfortable environment where they feel at ease.

Ready to Smile With Confidence?

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Loren Grossman that cares deeply about his patients. His level of expertise, experience, and commitment is unparalleled. Above all, we operate a clean, sanitary, and polite practice. There is no confidence booster like a healthy, beautiful smile. With Dr. Grossman, you can finally obtain the smile of your dreams through our cosmetic dentistry service. Contact us today to schedule your next dental visit.

Comprehensive Dental Care by Your Trusted Dentist in Pittston

Welcome to the home of exceptional dental care in Pittston! Dr. Loren Grossman, a renowned dentist in Pittston, offers a wide range of dental services to meet all your oral health needs. Our commitment to excellence and patient-centered care sets us apart, making us your preferred choice for dental services in the region.

Why Choose Dr. Grossman as Your Dentist in Pittston

  1. Expertise and Experience: With years of experience, Dr. Grossman has honed his skills in various dental procedures, ensuring that you receive the best care possible.

  2. Advanced Dental Technology: Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatments.

  3. Personalized Care: We understand that each patient’s needs are unique. As your dentist in Pittston, Dr. Grossman provides personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific requirements.

  4. A Wide Range of Services: From routine check-ups to complex cosmetic procedures, we offer a comprehensive suite of dental services under one roof.

Our Dental Services

As a leading dentist in Pittston, Dr. Grossman offers services that cater to all age groups, ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles:

  1. Preventive Dentistry: Regular check-ups, cleanings, and oral cancer screenings to maintain your oral health.

  2. Restorative Dentistry: Fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures to restore the function and appearance of your teeth.

  3. Cosmetic Dentistry: Transform your smile with our cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign.

  4. Pediatric Dentistry: Gentle and caring dental treatments for our youngest patients.

  5. Emergency Dentistry: Immediate care for dental emergencies to relieve pain and prevent further complications.

Patient Comfort and Satisfaction

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We strive to create a welcoming and relaxing environment, making your visits to your dentist in Pittston as comfortable as possible.

Advanced Procedures and Treatments

We stay abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry to offer you cutting-edge treatments. Dr. Grossman’s expertise in modern dental procedures ensures that you receive the best care available.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our team, led by Dr. Grossman, is passionate about dentistry and dedicated to providing exceptional service. As your dentist in Pittston, we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Building Long-lasting Relationships

We believe in building long-term relationships with our patients. Trust and communication are the cornerstones of our practice, and we take pride in being a trusted dentist in Pittston for our community.

Patient Education

We emphasize patient education, ensuring you are well-informed about your dental health and treatment options. An informed patient is an empowered patient, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Insurance and Financing Options

Understanding the importance of affordability, we offer various financing options and accept most insurance plans. Our goal is to make quality dental care accessible to everyone in Pittston.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Ready to experience the best dental care in Pittston? Contact Dr. Loren Grossman’s office today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to being your preferred dentist in Pittston and providing you with the highest standard of dental care.


Hear from our satisfied patients about their experiences and why they choose Dr. Grossman as their dentist in Pittston. Their stories reflect our commitment to excellence in dental care.

In Pittston, Pennsylvania, there are a considerable number of dentists offering various dental services. According to Healthgrades, there are 193 dentists in Pittston​​. However, another source, WebMD, lists 766 dentist results in Pittston, indicating a possibly larger number of dental practitioners in the area​​.

Among this significant number of dental professionals, Dr. Loren Grossman stands out as a highly skilled and dedicated dentist. While I cannot explicitly state that Dr. Grossman is the best, given the subjective nature of such a claim, his reputation, experience, and commitment to providing quality dental care certainly place him among the top choices for dental services in Pittston. Choosing a dentist often depends on individual needs and preferences, including the type of dental services required, the dentist’s expertise, patient reviews, and personal comfort with the dental practitioner. Dr. Grossman’s practice, with its focus on patient-centered care and comprehensive dental services, makes it a strong candidate for anyone seeking dental care in the Pittston area.

Does Dentist Hurt? Dental procedures have advanced to minimize discomfort. Most treatments, including cleanings and fillings, are painless due to effective anesthesia and gentle techniques. However, some discomfort or mild pain might be experienced depending on the procedure.

Is It Important to Live Near Your Dentist? Living near your dentist offers convenience for regular check-ups and quick access in emergencies. It encourages maintaining dental appointments and can reduce stress associated with travel.

Dentistry Importance in Child? Early dental care is crucial for children. It ensures proper oral health, detects issues early, teaches good dental habits, and prevents future dental problems. Regular dental visits support overall health and development.

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