Tv Interview with Local Dentist Air in Major U.S. Markets

Two recent interviews Kingston native Dr. J. Grossman did with WBRE-TV’s “Healthbeat” Reporter Molly Henneburg on new prescription drug treatments for two common oral problems turned out so well that the station decided to syndicate them.

Both spots appeared in dozens of viewing areas across the country, including such major markets as New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Cleveland, Pheonix, Seattle, and Salt Lake City.

In the spots, Grossman is shown explaining the drug therapies for two common problems- periodontal disease and canker sores- as well as demonstrating their applications on patients in his Kingston office.

“I was already familiar with the new prescription drug-Aplhthasol for canker sores and Atridox for peridontal disease- and when Molly called I felt I could demonstrate the procedure effectively,” said Grossman.

Dean Siegal spokesman for the Block Drug Company of Jersey City, New Jersey, which makes the two prescription treatments, said that the Channel 28 spos turned out to be a national TV exclusive. “They were the first ones out with it on TV news, They did a fine job explaining how theses therapies are used and the other stations around the country who picked it up continued to help get the story out.”

Grossman is a graduate of Wyoming Valley West High School and the University of Pittsburgh and was trained at the dental school of Temple University in Philadelphia. Later he participated in a research project to test a clinically based multi faceted approach to the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

In private practices in Kingston, Grossman served as president of the Luzerne County Dental Society and was awarded a fellowship in 1990 to the Academy of General Dentistry. He is active on several local boards and with charitable organizations.

He lives in Kingston with his wife and children.