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There is no confidence boost like having a beautiful, healthy smile. For more than 35 years, Wilkes Barre dentist, Dr. Loren Grossman, has been one of the best in the area, and he offers comprehensive dental services to make sure his patients leave his office with a smile on their face.

If there are aspects of your smile that you’d like to change, we can help. Our office is highly skilled and experienced, and we offer a variety of services—whether it’s a routine oral checkup or a complete smile makeover. Whatever problem you are having with your smile, we are here to help. When you step into the office of Dr. Grossman, you will know that you are in great hands.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our office today at 570-283-1130. You may also schedule online using our contact form, if you prefer. One of our staff members will call you shortly to confirm your appointment time and answer any questions you might have. We are excited to meet you and help you gain the healthy smile of your dreams!

Wilkes Barre Dentist Specialties

Cosmetic Dentistrywilkes barre dentist

Your teeth might be healthy but don’t look as good as you might like. This is what cosmetic dentistry is for. They might just be small problems that are affecting the look of your smile, but not the function. At Loren J. Grossman, we have many options to create the smile of your dreams.

Correcting the appearance of your smile is the primary goal of cosmetic dentistry. The way your smile looks often affects how we interact with other people. With issues like stains, gaps and misshapen teeth we often don’t feel as confident in our smiles. Cosmetic dentistry services from Loren J. Grossman will correct these issues and give you a smile that you’ll love showing off.

Get the smile you’ve always wanted! We offer complete smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and more. With modern advances in dentistry, it’s possible to restore teeth so beautifully that no one will know that it’s not your natural teeth!

Previously, dentists only could work with materials like amalgam, gold, and other unattractive metals to repair broken and damaged teeth. See what a complete dental makeover can do for you!

Dental Implants

Have missing teeth? A dental implant can be a great solution. Rather than having partial or full dentures, dental implants are a permanent solution to replace one or more missing teeth. A titanium post is bonded to the jawbone, and it acts as an anchor for replacement teeth.

Implants are made of biocompatible materials, so your body easily accepts them. Dental implants function like real teeth, and they can last just as long. Dental implants are comfortable, durable, convenient, and allow patients to eat, speak, and smile again.

Crowns and Bridges

If you are tired of broken or missing teeth, crowns and bridges can be the answer. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that is placed over a broken or chipped tooth. Crowns are also ideal for patients with heavy damage, requiring extra protection, in need of repairing a fractured tooth and covering a dental implant.

A bridge is a dental component used to replace missing teeth. Aside from strengthening the natural crown of the tooth, a crown can also be used to improve appearance, shape, or alignment. Dr. Grossman will happily match your porcelain or ceramic crown to the color of your surrounding teeth to appear natural.

Porcelain Veneers

Have misshapen or discolored teeth? Is your smile missing that wow factor? Porcelain veneers can alter the appears of your smile in more ways than one.

Veneers can change the overall appearance of your smile by closing small gaps, covering chips, cracks and imperfections on the tooth’s surface, lengthen teeth and whiten teeth that traditional whitening treatments won’t be able to correct.

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are attached to existing teeth to replicate the appearance of real teeth. If you want to improve the shape, color, alignment, and size of your teeth, there are few better options than porcelain veneers.

Veneers are individually customized tooth casings that are bonded and fit snuggly over the crown of the tooth to hide any imperfections. They are made to match the natural tooth enamel, resulting in a natural-looking and beautiful smile.

Get in touch with our team here at Loren J. Grossman by calling 570-283-1130 to learn more about what porcelain veneers can do for you.

Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t love a bright, white smile? Are you looking to enhance your smile? Visit our practice for an in-office whitening treatment to have the most beautiful smile of your life. Our in-office teeth whitening procedures are incredibly safe and are very dependable.

We use strong whitening agents that can brighten your teeth to your desired shade, while also protecting your gums and the rest of your mouth. Our whitening treatment is much stronger, yet safe compared to anything else on the market. We also use state of the art LED lighting technology to achieve the best results in a shorter amount of time. With one visit you can leave with up to 8 shades whiter that are long-lasting.

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Dr. Loren Grossman is a Wilkes Barre dentist that passionately cares about his patients. He is committed to offering quality dental care in a welcoming, comfortable environment, and he ensures that his treatments are tailored to the needs of his patients.

For decades as a dentist in Wilkes Barre, he has provided his services serving many clients over time. There is no job too big or too small for our office, and if you want a beautiful smile, there is no better Wilkes Barre Dentist than Dr. Grossman. Ready to obtain the smile of your dreams? Contact us today to learn how Dr. Grossman can help.

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