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Archive for May 2018

No-fear Dentistry Has Some Holes to Fill

Perfectly painless dentistry- that’s the promise of a new dental technique that may soon send the dreaded drill the way of the wooden tooth. A new laser “drill” called the Centauri Erbium Yutium Ahaminum Garnet (Er-Yar) cleans decay from teeth without the shrieking noise- and pain- caused by a traditional drill. The Er-YAG, manufactured by…

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Tv Interview with Local Dentist Air in Major U.S. Markets

Two recent interviews Kingston native Dr. J. Grossman did with WBRE-TV’s “Healthbeat” Reporter Molly Henneburg on new prescription drug treatments for two common oral problems turned out so well that the station decided to syndicate them. Both spots appeared in dozens of viewing areas across the country, including such major markets as New York, Boston,…

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