What to know before considering teeth whitening for your kids.

Little blonde girl about to get teeth whitening

Whatever decision you make regarding the start date for your child’s dental care should be carefully considered. This includes teeth whitening, a practice that young people are increasingly becoming more interested in. Parents must understand, however, that not every child is ready for tooth whitening at the same age. Dentists advise against teeth whitening for…

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What Distinguishes a General Dentist from a Cosmetic Dentist?

cosmetic dentistry

When you’re in need of dental work, it’s important to know the difference between various dentistry specialties. A cosmetic dentist and a general dentist may seem similar, but they each have unique skills that set them apart. The better you understand the differences, the more prepared you will be to make the right choice to…

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The Complete Guide to Dentistry Specialties

mountain top cosmetic dentistry dr grossman

When considering their tooth and gum care, many people think of their regular dentist. However, there are many dental specialties with specific areas of focus that can help you care for your oral health beyond cleaning and general checkups.Learn more about the various dentistry specialties and how you can benefit from each one. General Dentistry…

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Top Ways to Take Care of Your Dental Crown

crowns and bridges

Have you had a dental crown installed? These ceramic crowns are a fantastic way to protect your teeth and restore your smile. However, while crowns are incredibly durable, they do need to be cared for correctly to ensure they remain working as designed for many years. How can you protect your dental crown from damage?…

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Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

While some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures are elective, your dental professional may recommend one or more to protect mouth health or prevent further damage. Understanding the options available will allow you to choose the best option or prepare for an essential procedure. You will have a beautiful smile either way! Popular Cosmetic…

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Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist for Your Needs

Choosing a dentist is a serious decision. Many dentists declare themselves to be cosmetic specialists, but you need to do practice due diligence to weed out the pretenders from the experts. Here are a few helpful tips on how to find a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry, for one, is not a specialty that’s officially recognized…

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